Bethlehem Free Will Baptist Church was founded in the late eighteen hundreds (1800's ). Over the years the church had numerous pastors. At the present Bishop D.W. Elliott is our pastor. See more.

In the late 1800's, Bethlehem F.WB Church was organized by Mr. Ben Haywood, a branch of Mt Olive F.W.B Church. Their only means of transportation was walking, ox cart, mule and wagon. Due to the distance, they had traveled the members began church services in a log cabin house located on a wagon road.

In later years, land was purchased in the Flea Hill Township (today Eastover Township). On the 11th of March, 1908, deed to the property was signed by trustees of the church, Brothers John Elliott, Henry Elliott, James A Williams and Jack Armstrong. During this year, a wood frame church was built. Very small, no electricity, no inside restrooms, no choir stand and the church was heated with a wood burning stove...